Roberto Coin

In 1996, it was the first time that Roberto Coin put rubies in every piece of the jewelry set. This series is Appasionata. The exclusive mark of ruby ​​symbolizes the beginning of the Roberto Coin brand and also represents the founder’s passion for life and creation.

Roberto Coin constantly seeks inspiration from the diversity of the world. Each of his works is a manifestation of different journeys. These journeys are deeply influenced by multi-ethnic cultures and are the balance between the past and the future. Because of this, there is a different story hidden behind each of his jewels, making each jewel more unique and unique.
All Roberto Coin’s finished products are made by the guardians of ancient Italian jewelry culture and completed by professional craftsmen. Their talents give life to each miniature work and show the story behind each work to the world.
Of course, all works have magical rubies as exclusive marks.