Real Gold Jewelry From China

About Us

Who Are We ?


We have been engaged in the jewelry industry since 1998 and are China's leading jewelry customization factory.
In 2020, we started the global jewelry customization business to bring you the best affordable jewelry.

Individual Design

Professional designers can design
according to pictures.

Quality Assurance

Product certificates can be provided to
ensure quality.

Customer Service

Online customer service can answer
any questions you have.

Jewelry Making Steps

Jewelry production includes steps such as design planning, material selection, cutting and shaping,
assembly and connection, carving decoration, polishing and finishing.

• Design Drawings

• Hand Carved Wax

• Template

• Making Mold

• Planting Wax Trees

• Pouring Gypsum

• Baking Plaster

• Casting

• Explosion and Cleaning of Gypsum Mold

• Shear Casting

• Matching Gems

• Setting Gems

• Polishing, Electric Gold

• Quality Inspection

We are a new generation of fine jewelry!

Our inspiration comes from the drive to create a perfect balance between simple and bold, ordinary and odd, straightforward and luxury, and to push the limits where differences exist.

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Industry History
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