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    After receiving the replica watch, if you are not 100% satisfied, please return the watch within 3 days. A full refund can take up to 25 days to your account. (Transportation and handling fees will be deducted). The returned replica watch must be 100% brand new. This means that the watches you receive are not unpacked and are not subject to wear and tear. Once you put on a replica watch, the return policy is invalidated.

    All top-quality watches sold by have a one-year warranty against malfunctions caused by the manufacturer. The warranty only covers problems caused by the manufacturer. This does not include man-made vandalism or wear. Before replica watches come into contact with water, make sure the crown is tightened. If there is a problem with the manufacturer within one week of receiving the watch, will replace it with a brand new watch of the same type. If this watch is out of stock, you can choose a watch of the same or lower value.

    We will ship by international parcel / EMS / DHL / UPS / TNT.

    For countries/regions with strict customs policies, we strongly recommend that you use a third-party freight forwarder. Your order will be shipped from China to other public places, and then shipped from other countries to your country. This seems to be a long process, but This is the safest mode of transportation in EU countries.


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