“Chanel” started in 1910 by the founder Coco Chanel from a small hat store in Paris, France. Various items made from innovative ideas that are not bound by preconceived ideas match the era of women’s independence and create a great sensation. In 1920, Chanel also introduces innovative items in jewelery. At that time, jewelry was made for a certain wealthy people to decorate, but there was a limit to the design due to the use of expensive materials and jewelry. Therefore, Chanel changes the world’s values ​​for jewelry by producing accessories (costume jewelry) that focus on design without using jewelry or precious metals. In an era when it was jewelry for the wealthy, Chanel’s “costume jewelry” became a strong ally for women’s freedom.
Of course, Chanel manufactures not only costume jewelry but also jewelry (fine jewelry) that uses expensive materials and jewelry. As Coco Chanel puts it, “It’s not about how many carats you wear jewelry, it’s about how you wear jewelry that matches your clothes.” It must have been her wish to enjoy her freely.