Chaumet Paris

Chaumet’s history began in 1780 when its founder, Mari Etienne Nito, opened a store in Paris, France. From 1815, the chief craftsman will continue to develop while inheriting the artistry and technique of the Maison. The 4th generation Joseph Chaumet changed the company name to “Chaumet” and laid the foundation for the current Chaumet. Chaumet’s jewelery, which fascinated Napoleon I, quickly spread throughout Europe after gaining international recognition as a royal warrant brand. Chaumet, the pinnacle of jewelers, has worked on a variety of bridal jewelery for royal aristocrats around the world, including the production of over 2000 tiaras. Chaumet, which eventually became known as the “jeweler of love and sensibilities,” has always been loved by women as a symbol of longing and happiness.