Chaumet Joséphine Splendeur Impériale Solitaire Platinum and Diamonds J3TR00

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Product Description

  • Joséphine Splendeur Impériale solitaire in platinum, set with a brilliant-cut diamond from 1 carat, a pear-shaped diamond and brilliant-cut diamonds.
    Arising from the unprecedented fusion of two jewellery icons–the tiara ring and the brilliant-cut diamond–the Splendeur Impériale solitaire celebrates eternal elegance and majestic femininity. Through a graceful and effortless aesthetic, it evokes the pomp of parures at the court of the Empress Joséphine, the original Chaumet inspirations.

    MATERIAL:Platinum: 950/1000th
    PAVING:42 brilliant-cut G VS+ diamonds for 0.54 carat and 1 pear-shaped EF VVS diamond of 0.16 carat
    CENTER STONE:1 brilliant-cut G VS+ diamond, from 1.01 to 1.29 carats
    STONE QUALITY:Color D-E-F-G, clarity from IF to VS, cut “excellent” or “very good”, fluorescence “none” or “faint”
    CHAUMET DIAMONDS:Conforms to the Kimberley process

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