Bulgari Serpenti Ring with snakewood and diamonds Ref.: 354391 AN857756

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Product Description

The imagination of the talented jeweler of the Bulgari brand is boundless. This is confirmed by the elegant Serpenti ring 354391 AN857756 made with 18 carats of rose gold, harmonious wood elements and 3.13 carats of pavé diamonds. The ring’s magnetic and sensual design fully conveys the allure inherent in the snake and Bulgari totem, epitomizing Italian design and mastery of craftsmanship. Luxurious and refined, the jewelry is made of unusual materials, stunning with precious scales and serpentine elegance. Seductive snakes, interwoven with human history, take us into the mythical world of ancient Greece and Rome. Symbols of intelligence, vitality and attraction are embodied in delightful creations.
Distinctive and delightful, the Serpenti ring is a unique way to complete a stylish and fashionable look. Thanks to a ring of beauty, status and refinement that will gracefully adorn your finger, you will always look original and charming.

  • Ref.: 354391 AN85775
  • Design: Serpenti ring
  • Metal:18-carat gold. rose gold,snakewood
  • Gemstones: Diamond. snakewood
  • Stone cut: Marquise cut
  • Weight: approx. 16.5-17g
  • Diamond quality: DEF, IF to VVS

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