Messika Move Addiction For Her Diamond Ring

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Product Description

  • The gorgeous Move Fine Jewelry Addiction ring in 6881 Pink gold with moving diamonds in Pink gold is a timeless classic from the renowned brand Messika. This 18K Pink gold pavé diamond ring is part of the Move Fine Jewelry Addiction collection, designed exclusively by supermodels Gigi Hadid and Valerie Messika. Spontaneous, sunny and bright, Gigi exemplifies the Messika woman. So say the owners of the brand. The stunning ring design consists of interwoven lines adorned with diamonds, the main “chips” being the main diamonds that move along the slide. All diamonds are 1.10 carats, G/VS quality. Pink gold_ has a soft metallic luster that enhances the design and further enhances the brilliance of the stones. The eye-catching ring wraps boldly and confidently around your finger and pairs perfectly with the Move Fine Jewelry Addiction Necklace. Try it as an accessory – wear it on your index finger.
    The modern and stylish Move High Jewelry Addiction ring is the perfect gift for your loved one, creating a unique look that will wow everyone around you with its luxury and originality.Reference: Move Addiction Ring 6881
    Diamond weight: 1.1 carat, quality G/VS

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