Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori 18 kt white gold double head ring set with emerald eyes and pavé diamonds 358094

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Product Description

Capturing the serpent’s entrancing beauty, the Serpenti Seduttori ring charms with the mesmerizing snakehead motif, bringing together sensual design and unrestrained glamour. Inspired by the hypnotic gaze of the mythical animal, Bvlgari focuses on the magnetic power of the eyes and their irresistible ability to seduce: elegance with a hint of danger.
Serpenti Seduttori double head ring in 18 kt white gold with emeralds and pavé diamonds

  • Ref.: 358094
  • Stone: Emeralds, Diamonds
  • Resizable: Not Resizable
  • Material​: White gold
  • Diamonds (Carats): 0.58
  • Emeralds (Carats): 0.2
  • Color​: Green
  • Diamond quality: DEF, IF to VVS

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