HERMES Chaine D’ancre Chaos Earrings H222516B

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Product Description

  • In 1937, Robert Dumas watched boats as he strolled along the Normandy coast. The anchor chains that held them in place caught his eye and inspired the shape of the iconic Chaine d’ancre motif. This exemplifies the “intelligence of the eye” and the harmonious balance between practicality and beauty that is quintessential to the Hermès philosophy.
    It was in 1938 when the Maison ventured into uncharted waters and crafted the first silver Chaine d’ancre bracelet. Since then, this motif has been an endless source of inspiration, undergoing a plethora of interpretations, utilizing various materials and shapes, all while preserving its essence.
    H222516B 00
    Earrings in rose gold set with diamonds
    The Chaine d’ancre Chaos collection reveals an interplay of materials, shapes, colors and chains. A precious random encounter.
    Made in France
    Rose gold 750/1000
    Total length: 8.4 cm | 70 diamonds | Total carat weight: 0.5 ct

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