Why Wear 18k Gold Now?

If you frequent the jewelry store, you will find that most jewelry on the market is inlaid with 18K gold. Just like the diamonds, gems and jade we saw, these expensive jewelry inlays are made of 18K gold trays. International celebrities also like the 18K gold craft. Why is 18K gold so popular?

What is 18K?

Gold has a soft texture. In the industry, a small amount of copper, silver, nickel and other metals are usually added to the gold to increase its strength and toughness. Such gold is “K gold”. International standards call gold with 100% purity in theory. It is 24K gold, 1K gold content is about 4.166%, 18k gold is 75% of gold, and the remaining 25% is other precious metals, including pt, nickel, silver, palladium, etc. The 18K gold mark is generally AU750, 18K or G750.

Because 25% of the other precious metals have different compositions, 18K gold in different colors can be refined. There are three colors commonly seen on the market today, namely white, yellow, and red. The mark of common jewelry is AU750. As long as it is 18K jewelry, there are AU750 characters on it.

Will 18k Change Color?

18k itself will not change color, but because there is a layer of coating on the outer surface of 18K gold, some behaviors in life may cause the coating to fall off and show the original color of 18k gold.

Some behaviors in daily life will cause the coating to wear. For example: when doing housework, bathing, applying cosmetics, or rubbing with other hard objects, different degrees of wear may occur. After the coating is worn out, the true color of 18K gold will be exposed. That’s why wearing 18K gold for a long time will show a slight yellow-white color, which is quite normal. Just like gold, it will also become darker after being worn for a long time. In fact, the degree of wear of jewelry is closely related to your wearing habits.

Now More and More Jewelry Uses 18k Gold?

If you frequent the jewelry store, you will find that most jewelry on the market is inlaid with 18K gold. Just like the diamonds, gems and jade we saw, these expensive jewels are set with 18K gold.

Why is 18k Gold So Favored?

Advantages of 18K gold diamond ring: 18K gold has a hardness and is more suitable than platinum, so it can use a variety of processing techniques to create a variety of unique styles. Just approve silk hooks, sandblast if you want matte three-dimensional, pull sand if you want delicate temperament, etc. Let you show your unique temperament.

18K gold diamond ring advantages: 18K gold recycling is convenient. Therefore, consumers can exchange old ones for new ones through gold store recycling or make changes to outdated gold jewelry. Because the average gold store will recycle old gold (18K gold) jewelry, and there are few channels on the market to recycle old platinum jewelry.

Is 18k Gold Valuable?

18K gold is relatively hard, and it is used for setting hard to deform, and the diamond is stronger. And don’t think that K gold is worthless. The world’s luxury brands: cartier, tiffany, BVLGARI, Van Cleef & Arpels, etc. are all made of K gold. The cost of a high-quality item can be as high as 500-2000 yuan, and some even tens of thousands of pieces. Jewelry is mainly for decoration and beautification, and pay attention to the effect of wearing. The exquisite craftsmanship and fashionable style of 18K gold are unmatched by any precious metal!

How to Maintain 18k Gold Daily?

18K gold jewelry needs to be stored separately, avoid being placed together with platinum, gold, silver and other precious metals.

Avoid contact with acids and alkalis in life. Corrosive acids and alkalis in life will hurt diamonds and K gold, so try to avoid K gold rings from contacting these substances. Normally, we should take off the ring on our fingers when applying makeup and spraying perfume, and try not to wear it when swimming.

For all jewelry, I suggest that you do not take a bath or sleep. If you do this day after day, it is definitely not good for jewelry. Of course, many partners find it very troublesome. In fact, it is really not troublesome. It is just a habit, no matter how firm it is. No matter how good the quality is, if you don’t take good care of it, it’s easy to wear!