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ZF Factory Breguet Heirloom Series Replica Watches How to Do?

ZF Factory Breguet Heirloom Series Replica Watches How to Do?

The market for replica watches nowadays is also very unstable, while many replica watch manufacturers. The company has also chosen to withdraw from the jungle, which means that many models of watches in the replica watches industry will no longer be available, the industry can basically forget about the jungle, of course, for fans of replica watches. It is also a relatively troublesome thing! Of course many models are out of stock. This ZF factory is also opening the model new replica watches. This is also a beautiful thing. This time ZF factory for ZF factory Breguet heirloom did a perfect open model. Of course this opening is also the second opening in the history of replica. For the previous replica market is also out of a model. But the details are still unpopular. This time ZF factory from the new open mold workmanship is still very much in place. At the same time in the later article will also be attached and Breguet heirloom of the actual details of the picture!

For a glance fake. For replica watches still does not exist. Because the details of workmanship ZF factory is also to do the maximum restoration. However, this time the watch in contrast to the previous version of the watch. The details are handled more perfectly. Also for skeleton watches. The imperfections of the watch are also better handled. This is of course the first time that NOOBCEO has approved a new watch. For a skeleton watch, it is difficult to cover up the details. As well as the gears can be very fake. However, this time the ZF factory for this watch open mold. It is also made more in line with the original version. All the details are there. Of course, for this kind of watch. If you are too picky. It is not recommended to get it! The overall style is more three-dimensional sense! Also added a retrograde second hand function. This is also a highlight of the current details!

First of all, for the overall watch material. It is made of 316 steel. This is, of course, a common material for watches. For 316 steel. It is also relatively easy to shape the watch. The case is also rounded. The Breguet vertical pattern is used on the sides. At the same time, there is no embarrassing situation of hanging hands. Of course, for the ZF factory. The watch is still relatively easy to open. At the same time, the right side of the big handle texture is also relatively deep. Easy to use for winding!

The overall ZF factory Breguet heirloom watch size 40mmX13mm matches the authentic ZF with its rich replica experience. The case body is finely polished. The shape is simple and exquisite. This slim case is more elegant! The top and bottom are made of the entire sapphire crystal to create a transparent. Fully demonstrates the classic Breguet design. Also with a sapphire crystal. It is also a very elegant watch!

The watch is also constructed with a skeletonized design. 12 o’clock is the time dial. At the same time the gears at three to six o’clock are operational. The gear at eight o’clock is posed. All other details are normal details. Of course replica watches still have many detail points that cannot be replicated! For the functional points of the watch. You can also communicate directly with C Chen!

The Breguet ultra-precise 1-to-1 original movement has been developed. The bridges, gears, escapement, barrel and other components of the movement, which were originally hidden under the dial plate, are clearly revealed. The mysteries of today’s precision mechanics are unmistakably visible, and the retrograde seconds hand at 10 o’clock shows the seconds. Fully automatic mechanical operation. All the functions of the original are fully realized. It is currently one of the best replica watches movement products!

ZF factory Breguet back at the detail point work is still very good. Including font data are more clear. The back of the large automatic wheel. Convenient to wear in can automatically wind. Of course, during the wearing process. The winding sound of the watch is larger. Because the automatic wheel of the watch is thicker! You can also see the watch gears running by manually winding it!

For watch straps. Black hand-stitched Italian cowhide embossed with crocodile leather pattern. With classic Breguet screw-bolt fastening clasp. Perfect texture. The ultimate experience. Also available on the strap is the alligator strap. Of course the original strap is also very good!

In conclusion: today for the ZF Factory Breguet heirloom series in terms of details to do a share. The overall watch details are also restored to the genuine details. At the same time, the new ZF factory open model is also very good. The watchmaker who is interested can also be bold enough to get it!

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