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Watch processing has more than 13 strict quality inspection procedures, CChen Watch provides the highest guarantee for quality

CChen Watch Custom watch design watch

Harshness is CChen’s attitude towards watch processing! After more than 30 years of history in the watchmaking industry, what has been accumulated is not only experience and reputation, but also dedication to product quality. Only when the quality of each product is strictly controlled, and each quality inspection procedure is strict and strict, can we produce Impeccable products.

The watch processing factory needs to go through more than ten quality inspection procedures from the procurement, assembly and delivery of each spare part, including the quality inspection of each raw material. Only qualified products can enter the production of the Wandashi watch processing factory. During the link, the quality problems in the later production process have been greatly improved, and then every time the assembly of a link is completed, a targeted quality inspection must be carried out. After the watch band is packaged, the watch band will be tested by water testing. All watches that are successfully tested will be allowed to leave the factory.

Some people say that one less test session will reduce labor costs, right? However, CChen watch processing factory believes that one less inspection link will increase the probability of some product quality problems. Therefore, such a situation must not be allowed to occur. The quality inspection of each product is strictly controlled, and we are responsible for customers who trust us.