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How To Keep Your Watch In Shape With The Seasonal Changes In Weather

How to Keep Your Watch in Shape with the Seasonal Changes in Weather

Custom watches are valuable and have special meaning to individuals; therefore, they need to be treated with great care. While many people tend to make sure that their timepieces are kept away from heat sources and tools that could damage them, they are less concerned about the weather. However, this is not only unwise; it can also put their beloved accessories at great risk. This is because weather conditions caused by seasonal changes can significantly affect the mechanics of a watch. Therefore, in order to protect them, they need to be ensured that they are properly maintained.

Ensure that they are kept in a dry, dark and temperature-controlled space

When it comes to a watch’s worst enemy, summer and wind can be devastating to a watch’s complex mechanism. The reasons behind this are increased humidity, sunlight and dust. All three of these can cause significant damage in a short period of time.

If the air around the watch is humid, moisture can seep into the watch and penetrate through small gaps into its internal mechanism. As a result, it can rust on the watch movement and damage the dial. In addition, dust can wear away at the crystal and enter the watch and cause damage. Finally, direct sunlight may cause premature aging of certain materials. If the temperature is too high, certain colors may fade and certain metals may deform.

Always have the watchmaker replace the battery or perform repairs

If someone has a personalized watch and wants to replace the battery or have it repaired, the safest option is to go to a specialist in custom diamond watches. They will use specialized tools and special techniques to make the necessary adjustments.

If a person tries to do it themselves, they could put the clock at risk. If the air is damp or cold and someone tries to replace the battery, moisture may form around the battery. If water seeps into the battery, removing the battery may be difficult because there is a safety valve that prevents the contents from being released. Attempting to force the valve open can further damage the component. Suppose someone inserts a damaged component into the watch. In this case, a short circuit could result and completely damage the watch movement.

If your watch has been affected by extreme temperatures, be sure to have your watch serviced by a professional.

This is especially true for mechanical watches. Since their internal movements include gears and oil, temperature differences may cause the chronograph to advance or lag. On the other hand, if the weather is too cold, the oil may freeze and the gears may inevitably stop running. Internal components may also expand and contract as a result of climate change.

If people go home without winding their watch or having it serviced, it can be permanently damaged. Therefore, professionals should be called in to check and adequately lubricate their watches.

Watches, if handled properly, will last for decades without any problems, regardless of the season. Likewise, decorative aspects such as custom watch bezels will remain intact, as will the important movements and mechanisms. Therefore, be sure to store and handle them properly.

By CChen Watch Experts

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