We create beautiful watches & jewellery, customised with intelligence, and perfection.

All of our timepieces offer something unique, unexpected and perfectly balanced, which is exactly what our worldwide client base is looking for. Our immense popularity is derived from our dedication to creating the most exquisite timepieces when it comes to bespoke luxury.


Most frequent questions and answers


Yes, we have a private factory showroom located at Shui Bei Jewelry Plaza in Shenzhen, China. We are open at any time for tours. Alternatively, you can make an appointment to come and see us, view our work and discuss your requirements.

If you would like to learn more, please visit Contact Us.

All of our watches are set with the highest quality diamonds and precious gem stones. On all of our stock watches, we use G/H colour (clear white) hand-selected diamonds VS/SI clarity. Should you require an alternative specification, we can also provide VVS/VS clarity diamonds for a higher cost. Depending on the customisation, we also use various stones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires and black onyx.

Yes, we are able to customise a watch you already own, we can also customise jewellery. Please contact us for further details.

Yes! You can find detailed information on our warranty page

CChen are legally obliged to supply you with products that conform to the contract of sale and we aim to ensure that all products are sold with the complete information provided including age, appearance, condition, any customisations, alterations, and box & paperwork authenticity.

No refunds will be given in the purchase of bespoke or customised products. In the case of these products being faulty, we will endeavour to repair/replace the product.

Please note we will not repair/replace any items damaged by water, or once the factory seals are removed. As part of our quality control standards, we inspect and test all products before dispatch to ensure they are delivered as described.

In the unlikely event a product is delivered and found to be faulty, please contact us immediately within 7 days providing full details of the fault. The product must be returned complete as of first delivery (including box, paperwork, links, factory seals etc.) for inspection here in our Dubai workshop.

The cost of return postage and insurance of the faulty item will be the customer’s responsibility, and we recommend that all packages are fully insured to the full value of the enclosed items. We will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to the items whilst in transit to us.


We are in the business of selling custom afterset-diamond watches, and our core brand of expertise is Rolex. We do however customise other world leading watch brands such as: Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, Cartier and Hublot.

These are just a few of the brands we have worked on & are able to customise. If you’re looking for a specific requirement not mentioned above, please get in touch with us and we will always do our best to source what you’re looking for – if we can. 

Please note we are not affiliated with any brands or manufacturers.

The question we are asked time and time again…so let’s make it clear. Both have REAL diamonds & precious gemstones of similar size, quality and quantity.

However, custom set watches have had the stones added outside of the manufacturers, in our case, in-house by our expert diamond setters.  We hand-select all of our diamonds specifically for our customised watches, and for certain designs, we also incorporate precious coloured stones such as Rubies, Sapphires & Emeralds.

In the case of diamonds, our standard is G colour (clear white) VS/SI 1 in clarity. However it is possible, should the customer require, to change the colour and clarity of these stones. On all of our stock watches, we use the above-stated colour and clarity as we believe it gives the perfect balance between quality and affordability. 

Diamond grading can be explained simply as follows, the diamond colour scale starts at D (the most colourless) through to Z (very noticeably yellow in colour). The clarity scale starts at flawless through to included and is also numbered 1,2,3 with the lowest of these numbers meaning the tail part of that clarity grading. To summarise, the debate between custom & factory will always rage on. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. What we provide is an alternative. Our clients can buy/create something truly unique and bespoke to them at a more affordable price, without compromising on quality.

Yes, if there is a particular model you would like to bespoke, please contact us regarding the work required and our team will look to source and customise the watch as per your requirements.

If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase, for example it has arrived damaged or faulty – please contact us within 48 hours to arrange a return and/or a replacement. 

It is the buyers responsibility to ensure they are purchasing the correct custom part for their watch – if you are ensure, please contact us directly. 

We will not refund any watch parts which are damaged due to incorrect fitting by a third party. If you require CChen to fit your custom watch parts, we will do so free of charge here in Shenzhen. Please note, if fitting via a third party watchmaker or jeweller to ensure they are used to working with custom-made parts prior to purchase. 

No, when sourcing our diamonds, we buy in large 100 Carat loose diamond parcels. Each parcel is certified but not each individual diamond.

A typical fully diamond set watch has over 1,000 diamonds, therefore we cannot provide an individual certificate for each of the stones used. 

On all of our stock watches, we use G/H colour (clear white) hand-selected diamonds VS/SI clarity. Should you require an alternative specification, we can also provide VVS/VS clarity diamonds for a higher cost.  


If you are interested in our product list, you can download it in the following ways:

1. You can follow the steps below to place an order online.

1) Please add all the products you want to shop.

2) Register on our website and check your account information, especially the website address.

3). Submit your order, we will create an order list to you via email and send it to you.

2. You can place an order with our help.

1) When we are online, you can directly contact us through the chat window “Online Help”.

2) We are happy to help you complete your order.

3. You can tell us your order details by email: [email protected]

1) Please write down the ID of all the products you want to buy (for example ID: 3401-1) in the email, we will know what you want.

2) We will place an order for you and email it to you for confirmation. If everything is normal, you can pay. We will provide you with the best service and reasonable prices. If you have any questions, please contact us online or send us an email.

We will transport by international parcel / EMS / UPS / T NT or 1 car in number, and the vehicle will be stacked by garbage if it is transported to you.

For countries/regions with strict policies, we strongly recommend that you check freight forwarders. Your order to ship China to a public place, and then from another country to a public place, this may be your country. But the European Union is a safe mode of transportation for countries /regions .

-All solutions must be marked immediately within three days after receiving the product . -The
solution must be 100% brand new-If you want this to never open the package or open the package , the exchange/refund policy should expire in time. This also means that the plastic packaging around the strap must be intact
-please ensure your return. We are not responsible for solutions that are lost or damaged during transportation . All shipping costs incurred are of course non-refundable. -Before returning the
goods, you will also conduct a final inspection of the product in the above circumstances -the
tampering payment will not be refunded .
-. . All possible | happen immediately and therefund is completedafter checking the solution, reducing shipping and fees (non-refundable) and credit card (if using a credit card to pay, non-refundable).

-All our high-quality reproductions provide a year-round warranty against all manufacturer’s defects .
-The warranty only covers the manufacturer’s defects . This does not include intentional damage or general wear and tear (such as scratches, dents, etc.). Before contact with water, please make sure that the crowns of all watches are always tightened to avoid water damage.
-If any of your watches happen to be tampered with, the warranty will be invalidated.
-If the product has a manufacturer’s defect within 1 week after ordering, we will replace it with a brand new product.
-If your item cannot be repaired, we will send us your same replacement to add a new stock model. If the model is out of stock, then you can choose another solution with the same or less value


1: Payment by bank card
2: Western Union Money Transfer www.westernunion.com
3: WeChat payment
4: Alipay
5. PayPal (the buyer needs to bear the handling fee)

CChen Watch has the most complete range of payment methods: direct bank transfer, Western Union, PayPal, etc. It is generally recommended that you pay via Western Union. However, they do not recommend using PayPal. because a small percentage of customers do not receive an immediate response after payment, or encounter problems, then these customers will seek a refund through PayPal. Don’t stress, due to the time difference between countries, customer service may be sleeping or on the weekend. chen Watch will not let one transaction affect their established good reputation. They’ll be sure to get back to you as quickly and patiently as possible after work. And getting a refund may also affect your reputation with PayPal, so why not be patient and wait for customer service to work?
Bottom line: Paypal doesn’t offer it to first-time customers, and rarely even to repeat customers, because of the high rate of fraud that triggers buyer disputes. If you want to buy the best quality replica watches at the best price, you can choose the Western Union payment method.

During the international payment process, it relates to the conversion between different currencies, coupled with exchange rate fluctuations, cross-border fee, therefore the amount you submitted and the actual charge will have the difference, which is a normal circumstance. Besides, some issuing banks may charge a certain amount of cross-border payments, which produce the difference. Therefore, it is normal for the payment amount to differ slightly from the actual amount.

Customs testing for taxation may be a point of great concern to users. According to our many years of overseas experience, there is no taxation for a single watch. Generally, a watch wrapped in more than 3 watches will be taxed. In addition, if the packaging is required The box is also extremely easy to be taxed, so it is not recommended that overseas users match the watch packaging box. We will professionally pack the bag and take measures to protect the watch.

Due to the after-sales inconvenience of overseas users, if there is a problem, sending back and forth will be very troublesome and expensive. Therefore, we usually ship the goods within 2-4 days after the customer places the order. Use this intermediate time to allow us to perform a detailed inspection of the watch ordered to ensure that there are no problems before shipping.

After placing an order, we will first check your order. Usually, we can send your package to you within 2 working days.

All items sold through cchenwatches.com are protected by our warranty and return policy. The high quality guarantee you get from the solution is the best in its class, and we absolutely guarantee it.

Please note that we are not responsible for additional costs such as duties, taxes and customs clearance fees.
Please make sure someone comes to pick up the package. If you did not receive the package because you did not pick up the package in the right place, we will not be liable. In addition, if you refuse to deliver, you will be the only responsibility.


After receiving the replica watch, if you are not 100% satisfied, please return the watch within 3 days. It may take up to 25 days for a full refund to be returned to your account. (Transportation and handling fees will be deducted). The returned replica watch must be 100% brand new. This watch will not be lazy if the watch you receive is not out of the box. Put on the duplicate form and the return policy will become invalid.

cchenwatches.com stated that all jewellery watches provide a one-year warranty for failures caused by the manufacturer. The warranty can only be caused by the manufacturer’s problems. This does not include vandalism or precocity. Before the watch comes into contact with water, make sure that the crown is tightened. If there is a problem with the manufacturer within one week after receiving the watch, cchenwatch will be replaced with a brand new watch of the same type. If your watch is out of stock, you can choose or choose a valuable watch.

We provide a 25-day money-back guarantee, if the watch is not suitable when it is returned; it is rarely returned to us in a brand new original packaging. Please note that we will not refund the postage if you get a free refund for fermentation . Please contact us for instructions on restoring the information to the watch.

We believe that this important and important service for customers is the most important aspect of our business .

Our goal is to provide excellent products and services, so as to achieve years of reliable service. We take great care to ensure that every watch is made with the best materials and the highest standards. However, the delicate and strict nature of watch manufacturing can cause malfunctions in rare cases. If there is any problem with your watch, we will deal with it as quickly and effectively as possible.

CChen Watch’s two-year warranty covers material and manufacturing defects listed in our warranty policy. After checking and evaluating the fault by our service center, if it cannot be replaced directly, we guarantee that the customer’s watch of the same model or superior model will be repaired or replaced. Once we receive your watch and confirm your warranty registration details, we will take action during the warranty process.

Repairs and warranty work during the warranty period must be performed by an authorized CChen Watch repair center. Failure to comply with this requirement will invalidate your warranty and incur costs.

Warranty includes:
   hands falling off,
   movement failure,
   watch lost more than the time specified by the manufacturer in the first 12 months, the
sapphire crystal falling off
   date is not changed correctly (see FAQ for help)
   condensation or water immersion when the crown is fully seated
   Manufacturing defect

Non Warranty:
    Sapphire crystal becoming scratched, chipped or broken
   Crown stems snapping or detaching from case
    Bezels becoming scratched, loose or lost
    Bezel becoming detached due to loss of pins
    Strap or bracelet becoming scratched or broken
    Buckle clasp breakage or damage
    Case back becoming scratched or loose
Watch case becoming scratched, broken or damaged in any way
Loss of lug screw pins
     Defects or damage due to misuse and/or physical/accidental abuse
     Defects or damage due to the attempted repair of an unauthorized service center
Flooding or condensation due to the crown being left out of position, including thermal shock which may result in dial condensation if a warm watch is suddenly exposed to an extremely cold environment


By sending a picture or contacting the staff, tell the staff what you need to modify, you can communicate with the staff in detail about the customization of watch diamonds. Usually the watch modification time is 10-25 days, and the deposit is 30%. You can choose steel + diamonds, or use real gold to make watch molds and add diamonds. Any customized watch model will wear a certificate.

Have the following conditions:
1.Financial independence and stable payment capacity;
2.Have their own sales channels;
Benefits of becoming a dealer
1. You can get HD pictures and videos of all products
2.Enjoy the best purchase price of goods
3.Help distributors ship to customers, all shipping information is completely            confidential
4.Please contact staff for more preferential policies

This website only shows some products, if necessary, please send pictures to ask staff if they have other materials or quotes
High-quality products can also send pictures to ask employees if they can customize the product

Replacement straps, pins and bezels can be purchased by contacting our support staff.

You don’t have to worry about quality. We offer AAA quality watches. Even with the same weight, the replica watch is 99% similar to the original watch. After confirming the watch information with you, CChen Watch will have a comprehensive test of your watch by professional testers. This will ensure you get the highest quality replica watches. Regarding inventory, all replica watches of the Rolex brand are in stock. For the inventory of other brands, you can refer to the CChen Watch website or contact us directly.

Custom watches and diamond setting specialists.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.