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European Cup Tour , the best players wear watches.

European Cup Tour , the best players wear watches.

The opening game of Euro 2020 will be played on June 12, the first world championship since the new Crowne Plaza June 12, the opening battle of the European Cup, the soccer feast is also the first world championship since the new crown epidemic. 2020 European Cup originally as the European Football Federation to commemorate the 60 years of the European Championships, the tournament will be held in 12 cities in 11 countries in Europe without the host country tour, but due to the global epidemic since last summer’s event postponed a full year, since 2016, after Portugal won the European Cup The tournament has made fans around the world wait for five years.

And today to talk to you is the European Cup, but also because the old before to introduce you to the table selection of these stars, so think of picking out 11 people to do a trip to the European Cup, to the most common 433 formation to do the stars to wear the table (on behalf of) the best lineup, then today first to give you a preview, by the goalkeeper and four defenders composed of the backfield combination.

Left back Andrew Robertson

My pick for the left-back position is Andrew Robertson. Robertson is a good attacker and defender, and in the past two years, he has been the world’s number one left-back in the world, with a price tag of 80 million euros. During his years at Liverpool, he has helped the team win the Champions League, and also allowed Liverpool to win their first ever Premier League title seven rounds ahead of schedule. Last year’s championship season, he also delivered a key pass with his excellent insertion on the edge of the field, and ranked behind Manchester City’s core De Bruyne in the league assists list with his teammate Arnold. Robertson’s strong positional sense in the defensive end, as well as his speed and physicality to continuously complete high-speed sprints and switchback runs in both attack and defence, combined with his impeccable attitude to the game, saw him elected captain of the Scotland national team two years ago at the age of just 24.

Let’s look at Robertson’s watch choice again, not surprisingly, chose arguably the favorite European players Rolex Ditoner, this new Oyster Perpetual Motion Cosmograph Ditoner m116500ln-0002 was launched at Baselworld 2016, watch enthusiasts also have a variety of ways to call it, black panda Dee, ceramic black Dee, black steel Dee, black ceramic Dee, a watch so many kinds of call also You can see how hot it is.

For the first time, this collection is equipped with the black ceramic Cerachrom bezel, developed and patented by Rolex. This black bezel design also pays tribute to the 1965 version with its black Plexiglas bezel. In Rolex’s own words, this design combines high technology with exceptional aesthetics.

In addition to the black panda di, Robertson also often wears a rose gold black di m116505-0008, the watch is made of 18ct eternal rose gold, this Rolex special pink alloy, compared to the regular rose gold color more warm and moist. You can see Rob’s love for the black plate Ditoner, and after having a regular steel model, you have to take the precious metal one to play with.

Center back Rafael Varane

The French center back Varane plays for Real Madrid club, 191 height plus strong body type let him have absolute advantage to fight for high balls, however he also does not have the traditional tall center back turn slow shortcomings, but with excellent physical quality explosive power, let back tracking ability become their strongest point, also often fans say he has no less than peak Bale’s 100 meters speed. In these years of playing for Real Madrid is also early to be able to take the prize all over, 18 years Russia World Cup also to the main defender’s identity to help the French team to win the Hercules Cup

The Patek Philippe Nautilus Traveler’s Chronograph Ref. 5990/1A, a veritable king of steel, was launched at Baselworld 2014, adding another complication to the Nautilus collection. It is also very convenient for players like Varane, who often travel between European matches and local leagues, and a timepiece that indicates both places is really more convenient than pulling out a cell phone to check the time in both places, providing convenience in daily life.

The 5990’s second time zone display is designed with two coaxial hour hands for knowledge, the lower one skeletonized to indicate the time at the place of origin, while the upper hand indicates the local time. The local time can be easily adjusted in one-hour increments using the pushbuttons set on the watch. The entire black and gray gradient dial has a date display on the top and a 60-minute counter on the bottom, with two separate day/night display windows in the center, labeled LOCAL and HOME, to show the time in different time zones. .

Varane’s collection in addition to the Steel King 5990, he also often loves to wear an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 26574BA gold blue disc perpetual calendar watch, which was launched at the 2016 SIHH, this watch was designed at the time when the brand wanted to return luxury watches to the classic material gold, in recent years with the explosion of the series of white and black ceramic models, in fact, some rare precious metal Royal Oak perpetual calendar When we look back at this watch, we can appreciate the combination of gold and large checkered blue discs, together with the perpetual calendar function and the rich display of the moon phases, which is noble and particularly unique, and for Varane shows his personal preference for watches with rich discs.

Goalkeeper Neuer

Neuer’s goal-line skills are top-notch, with his first reaction and body extension when saving, as well as his blocking of shooting angles, whether it’s a high ball or a 1v1 one-touch shot, he is always steady with a show. He is often praised by fans for his understanding of the game and for creating a “goalkeeper” style of play that allows him to defend the entire backfield, as well as for his strong hand throwing and precise passing with his feet. Although the current German team lineup after the manager Leif adjustment, Neuer with 35 years old is currently the oldest player in the lineup, but he as the goalkeeper, the last line of defense, is the most important player, but also the spiritual leader of the team, which is also the reason Leif chose the new as the team captain.

Just finished in Robertson there black panda disc Ditoner, the more popular white disc panda di m116500ln-0001 which came, from the Noel social media, he went out to wear a watch frequency is not high, but as long as wearing a watch, wrist is almost all this panda di. Scratch-resistant ceramic ring, classic white disk design, overall casting 904L stainless steel case, crown triple lock, water resistant to 100 meters, 904L steel solid link Oyster strap with Oyster insurance buckle, after upgrading the standard 4130 type automatic winding movement daily error +2/-2 seconds to get stability, Neuer choose Rolex is also feeling very consistent with his own style, stable with a little show.

Center back Driecht

The young Dutch center back Driecht is now playing for the Serie A giants Juventus, starting from the Dutch League Ajax club, Jaffe’s production must be a fine product, Driecht, born in 99 years, has been sitting in the club and national team starter. Drieght also belongs to the tall card position good, at the same time flexibility, turn quickly with the ability to return. This allows him to cover a large defensive area and to get up near the center line to make high tackles. Growing up as an organizing midfielder and switching to center back, he also has excellent foot skills, good ball playing ability, and can carry and pass, both offensively and defensively.

Driecht’s most commonly worn watch is this Rolex Aperture Black Plate Datejust 126300, a classic model that can never be tired of looking at, with a 41 diameter, simple black dial combined with a convex lens calendar display window, both aesthetic and practical, and the choice of a polished bezel model, not the iconic triangular pit pattern, also known as the dogtooth ring, also more revealing their unique taste, such a watch combined with The combination of the 59,900 price tag makes it a perfect commuter’s watch for everyday use. Interestingly, Driecht’s girlfriend also likes watches and often wears his Datejust.

Right back Reece James

This England right back Reece James played a right iron gate in the just ended Champions League final, contributing 7 tackles and also limiting Sterling’s chances to get up happily on the right side, when it was the best defensive performance in the whole game. Reece James in the side against the dominant height and weight speed advantage, with muscle and impact can countless round trips to the opponent’s half, but also provide excellent passing ball, and a long shot.

Just now also said that Neuer watch selection steady with a little show, then look at Reese James this watch selection, can be too show.
James holding the Champions League trophy on the left hand is exactly 19 years Rolex in Baselworld launched 116588 TBR 18ct gold models, which is also the second generation of the Rainbow Di after 18 years, the brand launched another flagship inlaid jewelry models Ditoner, it is also called by watch enthusiasts tiger head Di, tiger Di. The watch completely replaces the classic tachymeter ring scale with 36 trapezoidal diamonds, while the black lacquered dial features a tiger motif with 243 pavé diamonds and a champagne gold secondary dial that mirrors the black lacquer and diamonds. I have always felt that this watch is similar to the original Nicolas Cage, the collection of the leopard print Di, but of course it is less fancy than the leopard print, and the overall visual effect is a bit more fierce.

After reading my version of the best players to wear a watch lineup selection, you have seen, 5 players 4 Rolex, the entire backfield combination is basically Rolex, of course, the classic style and robust temperament and durability attributes coincide with the backfield players, but also really prove a little Rolex in the hearts of European soccer players. Originally the backfield combination, I first started to choose Van Dijk and Ramos, the two watch collectors in the world of soccer, but these two one because of injury and one because the master did not bring, unfortunately absent from this Euro.

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