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Cartier bracelets: a symbol of eternal love

The Cartier Bracelet: Your Symbol Of Permanent Love

The Cartier bracelet – the most prominent, recognizable and iconic piece of jewelry. Its uniqueness, elegance and grandeur emphasize the status and wealth of its wearer. More than pomp and circumstance, there is a huge message of love hidden behind this precious treasure. Designed for men and women, old and young, capricious and modern connoisseurs of fashion, the Cartier bracelet should not be worn on special occasions, but to beat its owner’s arm in everyday wear. This stunning adornment will stand out from any other bracelet.

What could be better than the Cartier bracelet for your everyday attire? This extraordinary work of art will give you confidence and glamour, whatever the circumstances of your life.

In this article, you will explore more about the most prestigious fine jewelry brand Cartier and its bracelets.

  • What is Cartier’s bracelet?

The story of the Cartier bracelet dates back to 1969, when Aldo Cupillo, a young Italian immigrant, created his Cartier love bracelet in the French luxury goods company’s New York workshop. Heartbroken, the ambitious jeweler created a new symbol of permanent love. The controversial idea didn’t impress his Tiffany staff, and a few months later Cupillo moved on to Cartier with the first design he had submitted.

Initially, these bracelets were intended to be worn by couples. These oval-shaped bracelets fit snugly on the arm and could be removed with the help of a special screwdriver, which was part of the set. Cartier love bracelets are purchased for their special purpose: for the beloved. No one could buy it without such an honorable goal. Later, Cartier strengthened its motive and became a must-have accessory for popular lovers. These bracelets were called “modern love handcuffs”. As Vogue magazine put it, New York City hospitals had to keep screwdrivers on hand in case patients needed to remove their bracelets immediately.

After the release of chic novelty, famous couples adopted the Love bracelets. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Sophia Loren, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Carlo Ponti, Ali McGraw, and Steve McQueen became the happy owners of the symbol of everlasting love.

As the world’s most precious jewelry, Cartier bracelets are made of first-class materials. They are made of the highest quality 18-carat yellow, white or rose gold and 950 platinum. In addition, all the stones are genuine diamonds. The quality is determined by its creator. “After all, the symbol of love should suggest an eternal quality”, says Aldo Cupillo. To prevent counterfeiting, each bracelet is engraved with a unique number, which is kept in a file of hallmarked documents at Cartier’s headquarters.

When it comes to wearing bracelets, fortunately, they can be worn by both men and women. You are free to combine it with other bracelets, cuffs and watches.

  • Types of Cartier bracelets

Undoubtedly, the Cartier bracelets’ diversity will gratify even the most demanding purchaser. To emphasize extravagance, to append sophistication, to adorn every outfit – this is far from a complete list of qualities the bracelets can gift you. Discover the following collections which you will fall in love with.

Love Cartier bracelets

Lock yourself in love with the global jewelry icon. Having been created to last forever, Love bracelets will symbolize your endless love.

Juste un Clou Cartier bracelets

Juste un Clou collection combines the peculiarity of the Dada art movement and the venturous spirit of ’70s New York. Its nail-inspired silhouette accentuates modernity and uniqueness at the same time. Available in a multitude of gold and diamond-decorated variation. Its minimalistic manner will perfectly assert the owner’s individuality.

Clash de Cartier bracelets

This idea of the collection was inspired by the archives of Maison’s heritage and DNA. Its design unites three of Maison’s emblematic codes- the picot, the clou carre, and the bead. All together pours into a ribbed mesh, allowing the metal to be elastic on the wearer’s arm. Everyone wishing to buy can decide on pink gold, and white gold, with diamonds, corals, and gemstones.

Trinity Cartier bracelets

Three intertwined gold bands, created in 1924, stand for love, friendship, and fidelity. Crafted in pink, yellow, and white gold, Trinity bracelets save memories whether it is the past, present, or future as each brand has its own fingerprint. These iconic jewels have been worn by honored figures such as Jean Cocteau, Madonna, and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Panthère de Cartier bracelets

If your passion is an animal world, you will be pleasantly impressed to find the Cartier collection devoted to the Panthère. The Maison’s first animation of the Panthère goes back to 1914 when a Cartier wristwatch recreated the animal’s fur by the gemstones setting. Following that, visionary artistic director Jeanne Toussaint identified her elegant style through the nickname of La Panthère.

This gorgeous bracelet will be your new emblem of power and temperament.

Diamond jewelry Cartier bracelets

For people, who prefer wearing diamonds, Cartier diamond jewelry bracelets will be the best option to buy. Every diamond weighs more than 0.18 carats and exudes majestic radiance. Each of the sparkling jewels is issued with a report from the Gemological Institute of America.

Écrou de Cartier bracelets

Seeking for industrial motives, Cartier displays the audacious spirit of Juste un Clou with the Écrou de Cartier Bracelets. An ordinary spin with the bolts transforms into an unexpected accessory. A circular ridged band with the movable bolts affirms Cartier’s tasteful expertise.

Cactus de Cartier bracelets

Very unusual, sensational, and striking, this collection embodies a vision of audacious statements. Cactus de Cartier bracelets manifest the hidden beauty behind the cactus: man doesn’t touch the plant, only observe from afar.

Amulette de Cartier bracelets

If you see the beauty in sophisticated design, don’t wait for others to agree. These colorful talismans will keep your private wishes. Amulette de Cartier bracelets hold a unique natural gemstone, centered by a diamond and guarded by a padlock. Make yourself luckier with the Cartier talisman.

Features of the Cartier bracelet
Cartier’s iconic bracelets are world-renowned among its affluent clientele for their refined finesse and exquisite designs. The various collections, sizes and available materials will meet the expectations of every eager buyer. Not only the quality, but also the concept of personalization makes it worth buying. In addition, the fact that both men and women can wear it and can match it with different outfits is a message of its quirky nature.

Summing up
The Cartier bracelet – the best way to express your love and serious intentions to your beloved ones. It is a precious piece of jewelry that the world recognizes as the most fashionable icon. Whichever collection you choose, with a Cartier bracelet, every piece of your outfit will look stunning!

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